Circuit Court Rules Charlie White Ineligible Candidate

Democrat Vop Osili Certified As Secretary Of State

A Marion County judge has ruled Charlie White was not eligible to run for secretary of state and has ordered him removed from office.

Judge Louis Rosenberg said that White, a Republican, was ineligible to run for the office in 2010 and that the recount commission was wrong when it allowed him to stay in office in June.

White is accused of using his ex-wife’s address on his voter registration card during that election.

Thursday’s ruling said that White was a guest at his ex-wife’s home and had no legal interest in the home.

The judge also said White’s move to change his registration to a new address in September 2010 happened after the official deadline for the official declaration of candidacy.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker said Democrat Vop Osili will take the office of Secretary of State.

Democrat Vop Osili

“This is the second judge in recent weeks to deny Charlie White's attempts to dodge legal responsibility for his actions. As a result of his vote fraud, Charlie White was never eligible to be a candidate for this office, and he’s done nothing but embarrass Hoosiers since wrongfully assuming the position," Parker said in a statement. "This is a victory for Indiana, and it validates the months we’ve spent making it clear that this kind of behavior should not and will not be tolerated. We hope that Vop will be sworn in quickly so that we can restore openness and transparency to an office that’s been clouded by Charlie White’s antics for more than a year."

Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Eric Holcomb also issued a response following the ruling.

“I respectfully call on the Indiana Supreme Court to stay Judge Rosenberg’s decision. Take this case directly and rule expeditiously as possible (because) this has gone on long enough,” Holcomb said.

A representative for the Indiana Recount Commission said when a board’s unanimous administrative decision is overturned by a court, the order should be reviewed by a higher court.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office will seek to appeal the decision from the Marion County judge.

White still faces a criminal trial in January on charges including voter fraud and perjury.

His attorney, former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, said he didn’t expect Thursday’s ruling on the civil case to influence the trial or his client’s job, and asked the public to be cautious and allow the appeals process to play out.

“Nothing is going to happen where you will see the secretary of state vacate office and hand it to the Democratic challenger. This is one order, and these orders are subject to review, and that’s what is going to happen,” Brizzi said.

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