City: Woman Illegally Running 'Sexual Torture' Business

Complaint Filed In Court

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INDIANAPOLIS -- The city of Indianapolis is asking a court to shut down what it calls a house-based sexual torture business, saying it violates zoning regulations.

The city on Wednesday filed a court complaint against Melyssa Donaghy, alleging that she is illegally operating a business in her home, located in the 4100 block of Central Avenue.

"We have evidence of sexual torture and masochistic activity going on in that residence and on that property," said Justin Ohlemiller, of Indianapolis' Department of Metropolitan Development.

Authorities say an undercover Indianapolis police officer went to the home in September. He reported being forced to get down on his hands and knees and kiss Donaghy's boots and feet.

The officer also said he witnessed the use of spurs, whips, chains and clamping devices, and that he was subjected to degrading conversation, RTV6's Jack Rinehart reported.

According to her Web site, Donaghy, also known as Miss Ann, practices domination and submission arts in the basement of her home.

Donaghy issued a statement defending her business.

"My practice includes teaching domestic cooking and cleaning, while encouraging and practicing sexual responsibility and chastity," Donaghy said.

In addition to seeking an end to the business, the city wants Donaghy to pay a fine.

People in Donaghy's neighborhood have expressed concerns about the business's proximity to a Catholic grade school and a public library, Rinehart reported.

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