Community Rallies Around Injured Officer

Officer In Rehab After Being Shot On Duty

The community Officer Matt Fox works to serve and protect is now stepping up to serve his needs, and they thought a group photo would be a good start.

Fox is in rehab recovering after he was shot in the line of duty.

The Fortville community posed for a group picture to send a heartfelt message to Fox and show him how much support he has.

Business owner Sharon Beatson is taking up a collection to help with Fox's expenses.

He routinely stopped in her business, Sunrise Donuts, for chocolate cake doughnuts.

Beatson said she'll be glad when he's well enough to enjoy one again.

Officer Fox was shot in the head, chest and arms, but his fellow officers said he's a survivor.

"He's in good spirits," said Fortville Sgt. Michael Fuller. "He's doing his rehab just like they asked him to do. He said he'll do whatever it takes to get through it and get back to work."

Pam Lyons is the wife of Fortville's interim police chief. She said she knows the dangers of the job, and this time it hit too close to home.

"It just made me cry when I saw it, because that could be my husband out there," Lyons said. "He's just blessed that he's still here. I'm so thankful that his daughter Meagan still has her daddy."

Fox's fellow officers will hand deliver the photo to him, and put it up in his rehab room.

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