Contract: Fair Would Have Owed Sugarland Thousands

State Releases Contracts On Website

The Indiana State Fair would have owed country group Sugarland thousands of dollars even if the band's show was canceled because of weather under a contract officials have released.

Documents released Wednesday show the fair would have paid the band at least $335,000 for the show, plus 85 percent of proceeds collected above $470,000.

Special Section: Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

Fair officials have said they weren't thinking of money as they debated whether to evacuate the grandstand before the Aug. 13 concert. Seven people were killed and dozens injured when a wind burst caused a stage to collapse.

"We were on our way to the grandstand within three minutes to make that announcement. Within that time, that's when that undetectable or straight-line wind weather phenomena occurred and hit the grandstand stage and brought it down," spokesman Andy Klotz said.

The contract's "inclement weather" clause describes the payment requirements and emphasizes that the "artist will not perform on a wet stage."

"According to the terms of the contract, the artist has the most say," Klotz said.

Sugarland notified fair officials Aug. 17 that the band would not seek payment.

The state also released its contract with Thornton Tomasetti, the engineering firm hired to investigate the structural collapse. It does not include a specific payment for the services but lists the costs of employees at anywhere from $95 to $290 an hour.

The contract with Witt Associates, a crisis management company that will review the state fair policies and response to the stage collapse, lists hourly charges of $108 to $450 per hour for workers on the project.

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