Councilor Wants Dog Removed After Woman Attacked

70-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Neighbor's Pit Bull

An Indianapolis City-County councilor is calling on the city to remove a pit bull after it attacked a 70-year-old woman.

Shirley Pinner was out in her yard last month when her neighbor's dog knocked her down and grabbed on to her arm, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

"When he first hit me, his teeth went all the way in, because when he came out, I could feel the teeth coming out," she said.

Pinner's neighbor was ticketed, but the dog was allowed to remain at the home because Animal Care and Control did not deem Pinner's injuries to be serious enough, even though she was hospitalized.

Councilor Mike Speedy is now pushing the city prosecutor to reopen the case.

"She's been seriously hurt. It's certainly unacceptable in a city of our size and caliber," he said. "I want to help make it right."

City Prosecutor Teri Kendrick said her office is working to determine if Pinner's injuries constitute serious bodily injury.

Interim Public Safety Director Mark Renner said the city is doing what it can to protect citizens from vicious dogs.

"Just like can police do enough to keep someone from being murdered … we can't put everybody in a neighborhood, we can't put an Animal Care and Control officer on every street corner," he said. "I think were doing everything we can."

A hearing on Pinner's case is scheduled for Monday.