Couple, Lawmaker At Odds Over Puppy's Pedigree

State Rep. Sold Yorkie Puppies

The questionable pedigree of a Yorkshire terrier puppy has put an Indianapolis couple at odds with a local lawmaker.

Terrence and Melody McDevitt answered a classified ad in October for purebred yorkie puppies and paid $400 for their new family member, Maggie.

But they said they soon became frustrated when they didn't receive the puppy's America Kennel Club paperwork, proving the dog's purebred status.

The McDevitts said they tried to contact the seller in November but received no response.

When they wrote a letter to the AKC, the organization said no purebred Yorkshire Terriers were registered to the seller.

"If he doesn't have the papers, I would like have my money back because of false advertisement," Melody McDevitt said. "It's not that we are going to get rid of Maggie, but that was the intent that we looked for a puppy that was AKC-registered."

The man selling the puppies was Rep. Robert Behning, a Republican lawmaker who represents District 91, including parts of Hendricks, Marion and Morgan counties.

After 6News' Rafael Sanchez contacted Behning about the McDevitt's concerns, he contacted the couple promising to clear up the paperwork error and refund their money.

"The AKC paperwork for the (mother of the puppy), which I purchased from a local breeder, unfortunately, is missing the correct password. The AKC told me that the breeder of my female will have to request another AKC certificate with a new password to link to my female," Behning said in an email to Sanchez. "My female's breeder has indicated she will provide me with the appropriate information so that I can provide the AKC paperwork to the party, but I am not able to proceed until she responds with that information."

The McDevitts said they are glad the issue is finally being dealt with.

"I certainly appreciate Channel 6 in resolving this issue," Melody McDevitt.

"It's a matter of honesty, a matter of integrity," Robert McDevitt said. "If he tells you he's going to do something, he should do it."

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