Couple Pleading Guilty In Neighbor's Mauling Death

Minutes before a jury was to be selected in their trial, a Camby couple decided Monday to plead guilty to felony charges in connection with the death of an 83-year-old neighbor who was mauled by their dogs.

Andy and Anita Warren, who authorities said owned the four dogs that fatally mauled neighbor Boyd Fiscus in July, agreed to plead guilty to recklessly allowing a dog to roam, causing death.

The Warrens could be sentenced to up to three years in prison. They could receive home detention instead, 6News' Ben Morriston reported.

Authorities said two bulldogs, a mastiff and a collie attacked Fiscus. He was found dead in a backyard pond at his Camby home.

The dogs were confiscated and put to death after the incident.

The Warrens' attorney, John Boren, contended the mauling was an accident and that the Warrens didn't know their dogs were dangerous.

The Warrens are scheduled to be sentenced next month.

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