Court To Hold Hearing For Charlie White's Replacement

Democrats Tout Vop Osili For Office

The Indiana Supreme Court will decide who will become the next Secretary of State following Charlie White’s felony conviction.

White, 42, formally held the office, but was convicted earlier this month of false registration, voting in another precinct, submitting a false ballot, theft and two counts of perjury.

He was sentenced to one year of home detention and 30 hours of community service and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine, RTV6's Derrik Thomas reported.

The Indiana Supreme Court will hold a hearing on Wednesday to determine who will take White's former office. Democrats said White’s opponent, Vop Osili, should assume the job. Circuit Court Judge Louis Rosenberg has already ruled that Osili should be Secretary of State, but stayed that ruling until after the completion of White's criminal proceedings.

"The law at the time said if the person who receives the most votes is ineligible, then that person is disqualified and the second-place candidate takes over. It’s not that Vop Osili lost to Charlie White. Vop Osili was the candidate on the ballot who was eligible to be Secretary of State who got the most votes,” said Dan Parker, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman.

White’s attorney, David Brooks, said he plans to appeal the sentence.

"Nearly a million people didn't want Vop Osili to be their Secretary of State. I don't find the fact that some people voted for him as persuasive as to why he ought to be the Secretary of State on any democratic principle,” Brooks said.

On the morning White was convicted, Gov. Mitch Daniels appointed Jerry Bonnet as interim Secretary of State.

Osili did not return calls to RTV6 for comment, but he’s expected to attend the hearing on Wednesday.

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