Lawrence police arrest three women in alleged 'Felony Lane Gang' scheme

Posted: 4:21 PM, May 31, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-31 20:11:43-04
Three caught in alleged 'Felony Lane Gang' plot
Three caught in alleged 'Felony Lane Gang' plot
Three caught in alleged 'Felony Lane Gang' plot
Three caught in alleged 'Felony Lane Gang' plot

INDIANAPOLIS -- Lawrence police arrested three women Tuesday on charges of committing fraud and smash-and-grab thefts similar to those of the "Felony Lane Gang."

Police were called to the PNC Bank branch at 9105 E. 56th Street just before 11:30 a.m. Tuesday on a report of three occupants of a white Chevy Impala attempting to cash a stolen check.

The check had been stolen the day prior from a vehicle in a parking lot on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Witnesses to the incident saw a white Chevy Impala in the area when the theft occurred.

As LPD vehicles pulled into the bank lot, police say the Impala sped off – ignoring lights and sirens as officers attempted to pull it over.

According to police, a passenger inside the vehicle threw shredded paper out of the window during the chasing on I-465. After that, the Impala finally pulled over.

The driver of the vehicle, 60-year-old Mary Roberts, of Indianapolis, was charged with resisting law enforcement, a class 6 felony. Two other women inside the car – 42-year-old Dionne Reisert, of Indianapolis, and 25-year-old Tiphani Green, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida – were arrested on preliminary charges of forgery and attempted theft, both class 6 felonies.

Lawrence police said the method of operation in the case is "consistent with activity associated with Felony Lane Gang involvement."

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The Felony Lane Gang is not actually a gang – rather, it refers to copycat criminals who perpetrate fraud while using the lane farthest from the teller at a bank drive-through.

The Felony Lane Gang M.O. originates in the Fort Lauderdale area. Police say a "handler
"usually" recruits drug addicts, prostitutes or homeless individuals and then travels the U.S. breaking into vehicles.

Since 2012, the banking industry has reported a loss of $23 million related to "Felony Lane Gang" type groups.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office offered the following tips to help you avoid falling victim to the group:

  • Do not leave purses, firearms or other valuable property in plain view in your vehicle.
  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Never leave your car unoccupied with the motor running.
  • When at home, park vehicles in a locked garage. If not possible, park in a well-lit area.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: If you see multiple individuals sitting inside of a parked vehicle for longer than would be appropriate or individuals looking in vehicle windows, report suspicious activity to police.
  • Report any incident where you believe someone has entered your vehicle without permission to police immediately.

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