PC: Teen robbed, raped women at gunpoint because of 'voices in his head'

Posted: 6:07 PM, Jan 05, 2017
Updated: 2017-01-06 15:54:42Z
PC: Teen robbed, raped women because of 'voices'
PC: Teen robbed, raped women because of 'voices'
PC: Teen robbed, raped women because of 'voices'
PC: Teen robbed, raped women because of 'voices'
PC: Teen robbed, raped women because of 'voices'

INDIANAPOLIS -- A teenager who forced two women into a northeast side hotel room at gunpoint and sexually assaulted them told police he did it because he "hears voices in his head."

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office announced 14 charges ranging from rape to burglary to kidnapping on Thursday against 16-year-old Korey Reaves.

Reeves is accused of robbing and sexually assaulting a woman he met on at the Suburban Extended Stay hotel at 8055 Bash Street on December 29.

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Two other defendants, 19-year-old Anthony Fort and 18-year-old Myia Nicole Kilgore, were also charged Thursday. Fort is accused of accompanying Reaves to the hotel room. He faces charges of rape, criminal confinement, and kidnapping. Police say Kilgore eventually confessed to knowing about the plot and to agreeing to be the getaway driver.  

According to a probable cause affidavit, Reaves contacted the woman through the website and arranged a meeting at the hotel room. When he and Fort arrived, the woman told them she wasn't interested anymore. That's when Reaves and Fort are accused of forcing their way into the room at gunpoint.

Reaves then allegedly pointed his pistol at the woman's head and forced her to disrobe and then perform a sex act on him.

At some point during the encounter, the hotel's security guard was alerted that a woman may have been forced into the room.

When the guard knocked on the door, Reaves and Fort forced her inside at gunpoint as well. Reaves then allegedly forced the guard to perform a sex act on him.

According to the women, Reaves became increasingly irate during the assaults and demanded money, saying he needed a "stack" for himself and Fort. He also told the women that he was 16 and that he was "doing all of this 'cause he has a young daughter." The guard eventually agreed to drive the men to an ATM to withdraw money for them.

At that point, Fort decided to separate from Reaves and fled to where Kilgore was allegedly waiting in a car. The two drove off, while Reaves took the guard in her vehicle to a nearby Teacher's Credit Union, where it was spotted by police and Reaves was taken into custody.

Following interviews with police, Reaves and Fort reportedly admitted to the assaults and robbery and agreed to write letters of apology to their victims. In his letter, Reaves reportedly wrote that he "has a problem and often hears voices in his head that forces and compels him to make very bad decisions and choices."

Kilgore was initially interviewed by police and released, but returned a short time later and admitted to her involvement in the plot.

A fourth juvenile female was also in the vehicle at the time but was not believed to have had prior knowledge about the plot.