IMPD officer spotted giving boots to homeless man

INDIANAPOLIS - A tweet from Indiana Pacers player Roy Hibbert put an Indianapolis officer in the spotlight Monday.

Hibbert posted a picture of an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer who got out of his car to give a homeless man a pair of boots near the 30th Street exit ramp off of Interstate 65.

Once the image hit Facebook and Twitter, it was liked and shared by thousands of people.

The homeless man, Frank, told RTV6 he has been homeless since 2011. He said when he first saw the officer, he thought the officer was coming to give him a ticket.

Instead, the officer gave him a pair of shiny black boots.

"I've never met an unkind person on the street. They know I don't mean them any harm. When I first started coming, they'd lock their doors or park further back, but now they drive up right next to me. I'm not asking everybody, if they give me something OK, if they don't, OK," Frank said.

Frank said the boots were a size 10 and he wears a size 15, so he gave the boots to another homeless man who had holes in his shoes.

Frank thanked the officer for being so kind.



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