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Burger King introduces pumpkin burger

Fast food eaters in Japan have a new option this fall: A pumpkin burger offered for the next few weeks by Burger King.

The new burger, called "the BK Pumpkin," doesn't actually feature any pumpkin among its ingredients. Instead, it has a dual-slit bun designed to resemble a pumpkin and also includes slices of kabocha, which is a green Japanese squash that's typically served during the fall and winter.

Besides kabocha, the burger includes a beef patty, bacon, lettuce and a creamy sauce made from sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews and hazelnuts. The burger will be offered from Oct. 26 through Nov. 11, and costs about $3.90.

The Japanese website, Kotaku, says the burger is aimed at cashing in on the growing popularity of the Halloween holiday among Japanese people.

Kotaku, however, criticizes the name of a larger version of the burger that's available, "Bakudan Pumpkin," which translates roughly into "bomb pumpkin."

"Bomb" is sometimes used in Japanese fast food for items that are packed with stuff. But "pumpkin bomb" also is the name of a certain type of aerial explosive weapon developed by the Manhattan Project during World War II and dropped on Japan. The bombs were sometimes painted orange, helping prompt their nickname.

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