Stacy Nelson shares unique jack-'o-lantern ideas on budget

Holiday lights, glow sticks delight

Professional effects designer for television, film and theme park horror nights Stacy Nelson shares fun and affordable ideas on how to transform an average jack-'o-lantern into a buzz-worthy party piece:

BIG BRIGHT BETTY: All it takes to light up the night is to dig out those holiday lights and repurpose them to brighten your Halloween nights. Cut the top off your pumpkin and clean it out well. Measure the sockets on your light strands and drill holes to match the socket size. Insert the lights into the pumpkin and push the lamps through the holes. Make an additional opening in the back to run the cord through. Use two strands of traditional C-9 lights and Big Bright Betty will light up entire room.   

LED LARRY: Clean and carve your pumpkin in a traditional manor then forgo the single candle as your light source. Replace the candle with a mini color changing LED light. This will dramatically enhance your typical jack-o'-lantern as you watch the light change colors from blue to red, gold to green all throughout the night.

WHIRLING WILLIE:  For a really unusual pumpkin presentation shop discount stores and purchase dozens of glow sticks in varying shapes and sizes. Open the packages and measure the width. Drill holes all the way around the pumpkin to match the size and number of the glow sticks. Insert the sticks into the pumpkin. Just before guests arrive crack the wands to ignite the glow. For a fun effect place on a lazy Susan and give it a spin! The spinning produces a cool neon blur that will amaze and delight. 

PUMPKIN MIRROR BALL:  Clean pumpkin and drill small 1/8” holes of equal distance all the way around. Attach a high powered LED Puck light to a string by taping around the edge of the lamp. Make a small hole in the pumpkin lid, run the string up through and secure with glue or tape. Turn down all the lights and twist the string until it is very tight. Drop the lamp into the pumpkin and watch as the dots of lights dance across your walls.

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