WATCH: 97-year-old drives big rig for first time

LINDEN, N.J. - A New Jersey great-grandmother just proved you are never too old to do something new.

Vera Abruzzi, 97, told her grandson about her lifelong dream of driving a big rig three weeks ago, WABC reported.

On Wednesday, she was finally able to get behind the wheel of a 70-foot semi. She didn’t actually take to the streets, but instead drove through a course in a parking lot.

"I'm not nervous. I always say, do it, if it don't work out, it don't work out. I'm not afraid of nothing," Abruzzi said.

She said the drive was just long enough to check the dream off her bucket list. The next item to cross off the list  -- flying a plane.

"That would be a dream come true. I think it's going to be a little more difficult than driving a tractor-trailer, but whatever she requests, we're on it," her grandson Gary Kadi said.

Abruzzi had a little trouble with turning the rig around a corner, but overall, she handled it like a pro.

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