WATCH: Barnyard buddies reunited at California shelter

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. - If you’ve ever had any doubt that animals can form deep friendships and bonds, this video will change your mind.

A California animal sanctuary took in a 10-year-old goat name Mr. G from a hoarding situation in which the woman could barely take care of herself, let alone the dozens of dogs and three barnyard animals on the property.

Animal Place Rescue Ranch was one of two sanctuaries offering to help the goat and burro when they were confiscated, but could only take the goat and the other sanctuary could only take the burro.

According to the Animal Place website, the two animals were separated only to save their lives.

Mr. G arrived at Animal Place stressed from the transport and staff left him alone. He refused to eat and spent days lying in the corner of his stall, with staff physically moving him around so he wouldn’t spend too much time lying around.

They tried every treat, but Mr. G still refused to eat. Health exams showed he wasn’t suffering from anything physical, and it became clear to staff that Mr. G was in mourning, missing his friend Jellybean.

Staff decided it was time to bring Jellybean home to Mr. G. It took three more days but Jellybean was brought to Animal Place.

Mr. G got a whiff of Jellybean and perked up. He rushed into their outdoor enclosure and excitedly pranced around Jellybean, eventually sharing food from her bowl.

Instead of placing the burro and goat up for adoption, Mr. G and Jellybean will remain as permanent residents at the shelter.

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