Day Care Shut Down In State Probe

A day care is shut down just days after officials charged the operator's husband with child molestation.

The state now says the in-home day care was in violation of an Indiana law.

Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration issued a cease and desist order because there were too many children at the day care.

The state agency found the operator, Pam Benslay, was watching more than the five children allowed by law, RTV6's Julie Pursley reported.

The day care was already under investigation because Benslay's husband, Ronald Benslay, 64, was arrested for allegedly molesting a 4 year old at the unlicensed day care.

Unlicensed day cares are legal, but it can be difficult to check their history.

Licensed day cares, which are regulated by the state, are fairly easy to check.

"At, you can log on and search information for any licensed home or center or any registered day-care ministry and through that site, you can also look at their inspection history and see any violations that they've had," said Michelle Thomas, a state child care administrator.

Every county in Indiana has a free day care referral service. Click here for some additional helpful links.

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