Deputy Assaulted Handcuffed Inmate, Police Say

Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Faces Felony Charge

A Marion County sheriff's deputy was charged Friday with battery, official misconduct and false reporting after an incident at the Arrestee Processing Center last month.

David Carrico, 28, a deputy with MCSD for seven years, was involved in a May 20 incident in which he assaulted Harry Hooks, 43, a handcuffed inmate, causing injuries to Hooks' face, police said.

The incident was captured on video at the APC, RTV6's Jack Rinehart reported.

The man, who police said was intoxicated when he arrived at the APC, went to a doctor after he was released for treatment of his injuries.

"In the complaint filed after his release, Hooks alleged that Carrico kicked, punched and slammed him onto the floor," MCSD said in a news release.

The Sheriff's Department investigated the allegations, leading to the charges.

Police said that in the surveillance video, Hooks refused to face in the correct direction and called the deputies racist.

"Carrico threw Hooks to the floor, got on top of him and forced him against the floor surface," MCSD said in its release. "It appeared in the video that at no time did Hooks resist or fight."

The U.S. attorney and FBI were called in to investigate possible civil rights violations.

"The video shows that all the arrestees in the receiving room were docile and compliant," MCSD said. "No one was stirred to riot-like action, and no combative conditions existed in the room."

Marion County Sheriff John Layton said that Carrico has been fired.

Carrico was suspended for a week last year after allegations that he had roughed up an inmate. He also underwent training, and his employment was placed on six months of probation.

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