DNR: Man Staged His Own Shooting Along Park Trail

Peter Raventos, 43, Faces Several Charges

Indiana conservation officers suspect a man who initially told police he was the victim of a shooting at McCormick’s Creek State Park last month actually staged the incident and shot himself.

On June 25, conservation officers responded to a 911 call on reports that a man had been shot at McCormick’s Creek.

Investigators said Peter Raventos, 43, made the call and told conservation officers that he was shot in the back as he was walking along a park trail.

Indiana State Police and Owen County police officers searched for the suspected shooter in the park, but no one was found.

Meanwhile, Raventos was flown by medical helicopter to IU Methodist in Indianapolis with non-life-threatening injuries.

From witness interviews and evidence found at the scene and at Raventos’ home, conservation officers have since concluded that Raventos rigged a shotgun so he could fire it at himself from some distance.

Conservation officers said they found bungee cords, fishing line, a spent shotgun shell, an unspent shotgun shell, and a small piece of plywood embedded with shotgun pellets.

Officials said they believe Raventos rigged a shotgun so he could fire it at himself from some distance. A shotgun linked to Raventos was later found in the White River.

K-9 units searching the area also found a shotgun wad, a small plastic cup inside of a shotgun shell casing that separates the pellets from the gunpowder. When fired, the wad is expelled and falls to the ground.

Search warrants for Raventos’ home, cellphone, and vehicle turned up additional evidence, police said.

He turned himself in to the Owen County Sheriff’s Department Monday, officials said. He faces several charges including falsifying information and obstruction of justice.

At his initial hearing, bail was set at $5,000.

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