Downtown Restaurants Bounce Back During Super Bowl

Managers Hope To Recoup Profits Lost During Lengthy Construction Season

Many downtown restaurants and bars looked to recoup profits lost during last year’s lengthy construction leading up to the Super Bowl Celebration.

On Saturday night, the seats in just about every restaurant and pub were filled, which was welcomed revenue for managers.

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Server Erin Raisovich works at The Pub and said she benefitted from the economic boost, RTV6's Chance Walser reported.

"It was a ghost town in here. We'd come in and not even expect to make money. To be totally honest, we've just been waiting ever so impatiently for the Super Bowl to get here because we need it,” Raisovich said.

Last summer the owner of The Pub said the business was losing so much money he wasn't even sure the Super Bowl could help it break even.

Now that the Super Bowl Village has arrived, managers said they are well on their way back to turning a profit.

Paul Burgess manages The Spaghetti Factory and said Saturday was a good night to be in the restaurant business.

"The concert being right next to us helps out. As soon as it let out, we were packed in here. I had a great night,” Burgess said. "We decided with Georgia Street being finished and with the convention center being open that we would hire 10 or 12 more people and we have.

Since the Super Bowl Village opened on Friday restaurant managers said they've been slammed and some had standing room only.

Tony Hiatt manages Rock Bottom and said he expected record breaking sales.

"Any busy week we've had in the past, I expect to double that number next week. I think with 150,000 people coming to town, we're going to set all kinds of records,” Hiatt said.

The Super Bowl Village is open from 11 a.m. to midnight.

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