Dr. Dirt Gardening Tips

The rain finally came, and there is a great sigh of relief throughout the land! However, there are six more weeks of summer, so keep your fingers crossed.

Lawns, in general, still look weed-infested and dead. Meanwhile, watering is still banned in many areas. Grass seed does not germinate and grow without water. Thus, when we can water again will be the time to reseed lawns. Reseeding should be done by the middle of September to give the roots a chance to grow deep enough to withstand alternate freezing and thawing.

The fall vegetables can be planted now. The cool season vegetables that were planted in early spring can begin to thrive in the cooler fall weather. Kale does well in the fall and it's good for your eyes!

For tomatoes, blossom end rot remains a problem. Miracle-Gro has a tomato fertilizer with calcium added, which will reduce this problem.

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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