Durham's Mom Says Others Jealous Of Son's Success

Indy Businessman Under Investigation By FBI

The mother of embattled Indianapolis businessman Tim Durham is defending her son, saying others are jealous of his success.

Mitza Durham told 6News' Rafael Sanchez in a phone interview this week that her son has been "put through the mill" since the FBI raided his offices in Indianapolis and Ohio nearly a year ago.

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Investors claim that Tim Durham and his now-bankrupt company, Fair Finance, misused more than $200 million of their money.

"I always thought that in the United States, we were innocent until proven guilty. I never knew you were guilty until you proved yourself innocent," Mitza Durham said.

She said she believes her son's generous nature likely led to his financial problems.

"He's one of the most giving, kind people you will ever meet," she said. "That's where he got in trouble, I think. He helped too many people."

Mitza Durham said her son, who she said was raised in a Christian home, is a good man and is upset about the situation.

But she denied that he overextended himself, particularly in buying Fair Finance.

"I think there is a lot of people who seem to get jealous of people if they do well, and he's done well," she said.

She did not address how much money she personally had made or lost as an investor in her son's failed company.

"Because of the FBI investigation, I really don't know if I can comment on that," she said.

Mitza Durham also spoke about her estranged husband, Charles J. Durham, who suddenly closed his dentist office in Seymour.

"He lost me like he did his office. I don't really know" the reason behind the closing, she said.

6News was unable to reach Charles Durham to comment on the closing or explain how former patients can get access to their records.

Mitza Durham said she believes her estranged husband is still in possession of the records. She said she's confident his decision had nothing to do with the federal investigation concerning her son.