Goodbye, mystery meat: School lunch gets healthy overhaul

INDIANAPOLIS - Gone are the days of greasy mystery meat, imitation cheese and processed square pizzas from the school cafeteria.

The USDA recently rolled out new guidelines for school breakfast and lunch. Now, students have healthier options to put on their lunch trays.

At Liberty Park Elementary School in Warren Township, food is prepared fresh every day from chef-inspired recipes, Assistant Food Service Director Dani Brooks said.

Breakfast comes with a whole cup of fruit and lunch with whole grains.

"For lunch they also have new regulations with making sure everything is whole grain. We have new recipes with less sodium; everything we offer is fresh."

The amount of fruits and vegetables offered are double what was offered in the past, and school meals are now portion controlled based on age group, with a balance between food groups.

For parents who want to know exactly what their child ate there is a high tech solution. The school has implemented a parent portal, so with the click of a button they can know exactly what their child chose for lunch.

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