Indy-Based Company To Take Over Arlington High School

State To Pay EdPower $900K For Turnaround

Arlington High School will be handed over to an Indianapolis-based turnaround company for the next five years, state officials said.

The change in guard comes after Arlington’s longtime academic struggle, Indianapolis Public School officials said.

The state has contracted EdPower for $900,000 to bring Arlington up to par, RTV6's Rafael Sanchez reported.

EdPower CEO Marcus Robinson said his company plans to bring major changes to the school’s academic programs and safety policies.

"We feel an incredible sense of urgency around Arlington. I don't have a destiny that is disconnected from the kids at Arlington,” Robinson said.

In his initial visits to Arlington, Robinson said he's seen many teachers doing their best, but the state's criticism of poor student performance shows in their test scores.

“I feel a pressure to make Arlington the best inner-city high school that anybody knows about," Robinson said.

Some of the changes include equipping classrooms with surveillance cameras and enforcing a stricter dress code.

Robinson also said students falling behind in their work can expect to be in classes on Saturdays.

"Until we can get from three-quarters of the kids behind to three-quarters ahead, we are going to work pretty hard," Robinson said.

EdPower said it will need to staff Arlington with at least 70 non-union teachers, who will receive annual salaries of $35,000 to $60,000 based on their experience.

Although EdPower will be taking over the school next fall, IPS officials will still be responsible for Arlington’s maintenance and providing transportation for students.

Florida-based company Charter Schools USA will take over IPS’ other academically troubled schools.

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