Purdue Greek Houses Disciplined For Alleged Hazing

2 Fraternities, 1 Sorority Placed On Probation

Two fraternities and a sorority at Purdue University have been placed on probation after members violated hazing policies, school officials said.

The Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity was placed on probation after new members were subjected to psychological and physical abuse, including depriving them of sleep, said university spokeswoman Christy Jones.

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority were placed on probation after new fraternity members were required to drink alcohol and perform tasks for active sorority members, Jones said.

Members of all three Greek organizations must attend events pertaining to hazing, new membership and alcohol education as a condition of their probation and will be limited on when they can again accept new members.

"We have already had a dialogue with the chapter leaders, alumni and national office staff," said Pablo Malavenda, Purdue associate dean of students, in a news release. "We are looking forward to working collaboratively to assist the chapters in getting beyond this to become stronger organizations. We view this as an educational process and an opportunity to work closely with these chapters at this difficult time."

Purdue regulations define hazing as any activity that interferes with scholastic activities, creates a substantial risk or physical harm or degrades any person.

At the end of each group's probationary period, members must petition the university to be place in good standing with the school.