Revamped crosswalk boosts students' safety

INDIANAPOLIS - One central Indiana school district has revamped its crosswalk in an effort to keep students safer around school grounds.

The crosswalk between Center Grove Middle School Central and Center Grove High School is now a can't-miss, with a grassy median, flashing lights, a fresh coat of paint and a new position atop a hill.

Superintendent Rich Arkanoff said the schools' previous crosswalk -- which was poorly lit and overall harder for drivers to see -- has been a topic of discussion for years.

With heavy vehicle and foot traffic and hundreds of parents dropping off and picking up students, the path across Stones Crossing Road had its risks.

"We have a lot of 'crosswalking,' if you will," Arkanoff said.

That's why moving the old crosswalk to a new location became a top priority heading into the 2014 school year.

Parent Larry Baysinger, who has kids in Center Grove schools, said the previous location of the crosswalk was very congested, and he's glad to see the updates.

"It's very hectic on this road," he said. "With our kids, safety has to be number one. Moving the crosswalk was a good idea."

Johnson County controls the road and paid for 20 percent of the crosswalk project. The remaining funds were covered by a grant.

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