School safety: New school gun plan begins

INDIANAPOLIS - One central Indiana school district is starting the new year with a new plan to better protect students and staff.

A conceal-carry policy in the North White School Corporation will allow 14 administrators to carry a gun in school.

"The law has changed in the state of Indiana to where you can do this now," said White County Schools Superintendent Nicholas Eccles. "Because the law changed, that prompted my board to be proactive in their thought process and have a discussion on whether they wanted to allow people to do this or not, and they developed a policy according to their thoughts and beliefs."

Eccles said students, faculty and parents -- for and against the policy -- were given opportunities to voice their opinions at open school board meetings.

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Ultimately, the board voted unanimously -- 7-0 -- in favor of the plan, which does have several restrictions.

The board requires the weapon be a semi-automatic, not a revolver, and that weapon cannot be chambered.

The ammunition must be frangible, meaning the bullet must fracture on impact to ensure the safety of those around the fired bullet.

The holster must only be accessible by the gun owner and never detached from that person during or after school hours, unless it's out of sight in a locked vehicle.

Lastly, people in the program must pass training sessions and an annual psychological evaluation.

"Nobody wants to see any school having issues with security, however, unfortunately, there are issues out there, and if we can do everything we can do to be proactive to try to help keep our kids safe, that's what our school board wanted to do with this policy," Eccles said.

"It's about keeping our kids safe, giving it as another layer if, in fact, an administrator felt comfortable doing that."

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