School Voucher Plan Takes Step Forward

State Launches Informational Website

Parents interested in moving their children from public schools to private schools can find information about Indiana's controversial voucher program online.

The state Department of Education has launched a website about the program, which uses state money to help certain parents pay private school tuition, 6News' Chance Walser reported.

The site -- -- includes basic information about the program and a list of the schools that have been approved to participate.

"Now that the program is ready to formally be rolled out, I think we will hopefully see a lot of schools who are engaging in the process, applying to be a voucher school," said John Elcesser with the Indiana Non-Public Education Association.

The department said it will update the list weekly so that parents know which schools are participating.

Indiana's program will be limited to 7,500 students this coming school year. Families of four earning up to about $60,000 a year will be eligible.

Teachers, administrators and clergy are suing to block the law, which is the nation's broadest private school voucher plan.