Ex-Youth Outreach Worker Arrested In Outlaws Raid

Norvel Terry Says He Had Turned His Life Around

A former city youth outreach worker was among the 42 men arrested in sweeping raids of Outlaws motorcycle clubs in Indianapolis and across the Midwest last week.

The men face federal charges of racketeering, money laundering, illegal gambling, extortion, loan sharking, insurance fraud, tampering with witnesses and drugs, RTV6's Jack Rinehart reported.


Norvel Terry, 44, is accused of using a cellphone in connection with a drug deal with an Outlaws associate.

In 2010, Terry walked the streets as an outreach worker for Indianapolis police.

"What's the best way to get a thug? A thug go to a thug," he told Rinehart for a story in April 2010. "I put in my work out here. I earned the right to be able to come to any neighborhood and be able to talk to anyone out here."

Terry, who admitted he belonged to a gang and sold drugs, served nine years in prison before he said he turned his life around.

"All kinds of people from different walks of life are involved in criminal activity," said Brad Blackington with the U.S. attorney's office.

He trained with the faith-based community, but he was rejected as a street outreach worker because he was considered too close to police.

"That's very dangerous for the clergy because, what we do, we have a lot of trust in the community. Certainly, you can't have anyone working with clergy … who may be considered a snitch," said the Rev. Charles Harrison, president of the Ten Point Coalition.

Terry declined to speak with RTV6, but he issued a statement saying he doesn't belong to the Outlaws and he doesn't sell drugs.

"Someone called my cellphone and asked me a question, and maybe I didn't give the right answer," he said in the statement.

If he's convicted of using a cellphone to facilitate a drug deal, Terry could face between four and eight years in federal prison.

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