Excise Cops Bust Underage Drinking At IU

Police Made 9 Arrests, Issued 57 Citations During Homecoming Events

Underage drinking is a problem at many college campuses, especially during major sports events and Homecoming parties.

Indiana University is no exception, and Indiana State Excise Police officers came out to the football tailgaiting festivities on Saturday to combat the problem.

Many students and party goers celebrating IU’s homecoming in Bloomington were unaware of the plainclothes officers lurking in the shadows, RTV6's Myrt Price reported.

Cpl. Travis Thickstun said students who showed signs of intoxication were asked to show ID and take a Breathalyzer test.

"We’re primarily looking for underage drinking: minors possessing alcohol, public intoxication and public urination," Thickstun said.

The police carded people who looked too young to drink alcohol. If they proved to be under 21, police issued a citation.

Police said if someone obviously appears intoxicated, they are given a Breathalyzer test. If they blow over the legal limit, the person is arrested.

"We're going to enforce the law, and that means you may get a ticket or go to jail,” Thickstun said.

Excise police issued 57 citations and arrested 9 people at IU’s homecoming, but said that safety was their main concern.

"Potentially someone could walk out in front of a car, or any number of things could happen with that level of intoxication,” Thickstun said.

Before going to jail, some people were so intoxicated that they had to be hospitalized.

"If they were (intoxicated) and over (the limit), the jail won’t accept someone at that level, without first being checked out by a doctor,” Thickstun said.

Since the disappearance of IU student Lauren Spierer, excise police said there have been major strides and public interest in the crackdown against underage drinking.

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