Family, Friends Gather For Slain Brothers' Vigil

Andre Stennette-Harrod, LaVonne Harrod Shot In Car

Family and friends of two slain Indianapolis brothers gathered on Tuesday for a vigil to honor their loved ones’ memories and to ask potential witnesses to speak up about the crime.

Early Sunday morning, Andre Stennette-Harrod, 21, and his older half-brother, LaVonne Harrod, 24, were fatally shot in a car at the intersection of 38th Street and Georgetown Road, about a block away from Cloud 9, where they had attended a concert, RTV6's Eboné Monet reported.

Their father, Ronnie Harrod, expressed to the crowd his heartache over losing his sons.

“We have lost two young males and what makes it even worse, they were brothers,” Harrod said. "I lost two sons at the same time. I only had two boys. Whoever did this left two beautiful children, my grandchildren, without a father.”

Harrod made a plea for witnesses to step forward and urged to crowd to practice non-violence.

Andre Stennette-Harrod and LaVonne Harrod

“If this person or persons will gun my boys down in the middle of a busy intersection for apparently no reason, they're liable to do anything to anybody,” Harrod said. “You don't know how long you have. (My son) thought he had forever. He was young. He thought he had forever. His life was taken in a second.”

Danell Taylor, Stennette-Harrod’s best friend, said the slayings were mourned by more than just family members.

"Andre Stennette was my brother. His family took me in with me being in foster care,” Taylor said. “It hurt a lot of people in this community to see someone so special and so loved, dead.”

Family members said Stennette-Harrod would have started his senior year at Ball State University this fall.

Police asked anyone with information about the killings to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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