Family Scammed Out Of Rental Home

Police: Men Pretended To Be In Charge Of Duplex

A family who recently moved to Indianapolis lost a $450 rental deposit and is now searching for a place to live after being taken by a scam.

The couple was duped by two men who claimed to be in charge of renting a duplex at 142 S. Emerson Ave., on the city's east side.

Kristen Carr said she believes the men broke into the duplex to show them around. After being provided with a rental receipt and keys, Carr and her husband, Chad Yattaw, realized the keys did not work.

"It's awful. It's horrible. I can't believe somebody would do this, and they knew we had kids and what the situation was and still took advantage," Carr said.

The couple and their three children are now staying at a hotel. They were hoping to move into their new place over the weekend.

"I mean, they took from my family. Obviously they're taking from what's closest to me," Yattaw said. "I'm a high-rise window washer. I risk my life every day to make the money that I make."

Alexis Carr, 6, said she's worried about what's going to happen next and that she was saddened by the scam.

"We don't have enough money for a lot of stuff," she said.

Carr said the two men who tricked her family had done handy work in the area.

Neighbor Roger Flake said he had been in contact with the father of one of the men to repair a wall.

"I hired the old man," Flake said, adding that he doesn't want the family to do any more work for him.

6 News' Joanna Massee reached the father of one of the men involved by phone. He said he didn't think his son would do something like that.

The couple isn't optimistic about getting its money back.

"With times being as hard as they are right now, we don't want it happening to somebody else," Carr said.

The couple said one of the men had strawberry blonde hair and a tattoo of the name "Sarah" on his neck. The other man had a long, curly ponytail.

Meanwhile, the property is up for rent. The real owner's realty agent said he was trying to help the family.

Ken Nissley, of Kenter Homes, said he offered to discount the cost of moving in for the family, but was not sure they would take up the opportunity.