Family Seeks Answers 13 Years After Son's Slaying

Police: More Than 1 Person Involved In Killing

An Indianapolis family is renewing calls for leads in a fatal shooting that's gone unsolved for more than a decade.

Friday marks 13 years since Brian Donahue Jr., 24, was shot in the head in his home on Dequincy Street on Indianapolis' southeast side, 6News' Julie Pursley reported.

His father, Brian Donahue Sr., found his son's body the next day.

"It was such a shock to see your son laying there in a pool of blood," he said. "People always say time heals everything, but it doesn't. We need justice."

Lead Detective Lt. Roger Spurgeon said police have never been able to rule out a number of suspects or directly link anyone with the shooting.

"They did not have what it took to confront this person straight up, man on man," he said. "They had to ambush him to take care of whatever the dispute was."

Spurgeon said he believes more than one person was involved, and that Donahue Jr. knew his attackers. He said the slaying may have been linked to a relationship with a woman or criminal activity.

"(There may have been) some sort of a drug transaction. It might have something to do with some sort of a gang involvement," he said. "I know that the Outlaws Motorcycle Gang is a group that had been looked at because of Brian's association with them."

Information concerning Donahue Jr.'s killing is included on cold case playing cards circulated throughout Indiana prisons in an effort to generate leads.

Spurgeon said it's imperative the killer or killers are caught.

"If whoever is responsible for this is going to do that to him, they would just as easily do that to somebody else," he said.

Donahue Sr. said he wants justice and closure.

"Nothing is going to bring Brian back, but just the idea that the person had done this to him, you know, will be able to serve some time for what has been done," he said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Spurgeon directly at 317-327-3895 or e-mail him at