Fatal Police Shooting Captured On Cellphone

2 Officers Shot, Suspect Killed

At least a dozen gunshots can be heard in cellphone video of a shootout between Muncie police and a robbery suspect that left the gunman dead.

A college student told RTV6 he took video of the incident Friday afternoon from across the street of the Village Pantry store near University Avenue and Dill Street.

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"It's terrifying and an amazing thing," said the bystander, who asked not to be identified. "You don't see live-action gun fighting anymore. Why wouldn't you want to video it?"

While the video doesn't show the actual shooting, several rapid-fire gunshots and yelling can be heard as officers are seen running toward the scene.

Police said they were attempting to arrest Christopher Bowen, 21, of New Castle, Pa., when he pulled a gun and opened fired on officers.

"The guy went berserk and started shooting at police officers," the bystander said. "When that's what happens, you might as well step in front of a semi."

Officer Steve Baugh was shot in the lower face and hospitalized in stable condition, while Officer Brent Brown was treated after a bullet was stopped by his police vest.

Police returned fire, killing Bowen.

Kate Ross, who works at Greek's Pizzeria across from the Village Pantry parking lot, said the incident has shaken customers and workers.

"I saw the blood puddle. That's about the extent of it. It was pretty gruesome," she said. "Right in the village, everybody is out and about walking, so it's kind of a knock on business that night. Nobody came in."

Coroner Scott Hahn told The Star Press that Bowen had told a woman mentoring him in Pennsylvania that he was enrolling at Ball State, but a school spokesman said he wasn't a current student.

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