Fishers Children Report Man's Dog-Petting Offer

Children Were Playing In Yard When Man Approached Them

Fishers police are searching for a man they said approached two children Monday night.

The children, a 10-year-old girl and her 9-year-old brother, were playing in their yard in the 10700 block of Windermere Boulevard in Fishers, when a man in a red Jeep approached, police said.

The children told their mother that the man had a large dog in his vehicle, and that he yelled to the children asking them if they wanted to pet his dog.

The children ran inside and reported the incident to their mother, who called police.

The children's mother, Lori Cianelli, said she and her children had practiced what to do in this very situation just a few weeks ago.

"We had even brought up the case of what if they try to lure you with a puppy or a kitten or a lost animal or something, and we were role playing with all of the kids," she said. "I am very grateful I did that, and I am very proud of my children."

Officer Thomas Weger of the Fishers Police Department said the children did exactly what they needed to do.

"I think the children responded very well, because they did recognize it was a dangerous situation, they did not go close to the vehicle and instead they went directly inside the home to report the incident to their mother," he said. "We don't have any information that these incidents were connected. This serves as a reminder that parents should keep their eyes on their children at all times. “

The man has been described as a white male, age 40 to 50, who has gray hair and is balding. The red Jeep has a tire on the back.

Investigators do not believe the man acted with criminal intent, but still asked residents to report any suspicious activity immediately.

This is the just the most recent in a slew of reports of suspicious activity of this nature in Fishers since an attempted abduction at Olio Fields in May.

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