Former Principal Charged In Park Sex Sting

Police: Men Seek Sex In Bike Park

A former Muncie principal was arrested in a sex sting at a popular bike park in Indianapolis, accused of exposing himself to another man.

The Major Taylor Velodrome, in the 3600 block of Cold Spring Road, is a place to ride bikes and skateboard, but police said other activities are happening there, 6News' Ericka Flye reported.

Police said Dennis Gibson (pictured), 54, was in his parked car in the afternoon as officers and park rangers conducted an undercover sting.

According to police, Timothy Baker, 49, approached Gibson. The two talked and Gibson masturbated in front of him, officers said.

Gibson was an elementary school principal with Muncie Community Schools in the '90s.

"Whether it be teachers, administrators, business people in the community, ministers, preachers -- we've had it pretty much run the gamut," said Indianapolis Metro police Lt. Jeff Duhamell.

Gibson and Baker are both charged with public indecency and indecent exposure.

People who use the park for recreation said men are frequently the area in search of sex.

"There's always cars parked around the outside of the parking lot -- just ... middle-aged men," said David Hurrle. "(They) just kind of give you a creepy stare as you drive by."

Police said public indecency and indecent exposure sex stings are common in many area parks. The velodrome, where many young children roam, is no different.

"You see van loads of kids … come in. Parents just drop them off. They're just oblivious to what's going on," Hurrle said.

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