Fortville Officer: Being Shot Was 'Wake-Up Call'

Matt Fox Says He Plans To Return To Full Duty

Fortville officer Matthew Fox was shot in the line of duty 10 days ago. Wednesday, he spoke to RTV6's Ebone Monet about how he's doing now.

"I feel great for the circumstances of being shot 10 days ago," Fox said.

Fox is in rehab at a brain treatment facility after police said 27-year-old James Lockhart shot him in the head, chest and wrist during a traffic stop July 27.

"The dangers of a traffic stop always go through my mind, and I always knew I could potentially be shot," Fox said. "I didn't think it could happen, but always knew I could be shot."

Fox is recovering quicker than doctors expected, and he said support from the community and his fellow officers is lifting his spirits.

"It helps with my healing and shows the community together, love and support and great fellowship. It's just awesome," he said.

Many in the community turned out Wednesday at a local restaurant to meet this local hero.

"Matt patrols my lot and make sure we're safe, and he helps us out and we want to help him out," said Carol Syrus, a woman who came out to visit with Fox.

Fox said he's not done helping out. He intends to be back in uniform soon.

"I am returning to full duty when I can," he said.

But first, Fox is going to focus on recovery and time with his loved ones, including his girlfriend and their 4-year-old daughter.

"It gives you a wake-up call, how precious your family is," Fox said. "(It) just puts everything in perspective how fragile life can be."

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