Fox's Family Speaks Out About Shooting

Longtime Girlfriend Shares Story

In an RTV6 exclusive, the family of injured Fortville officer Matt Fox spoke out for the first time.

Fox was shot several times late Friday, when an attempted traffic stop turned violent.

RTV6's Eboné Monét spoke to his longtime girlfriend about what Fox and his family are going through.

In the past few days, Alissa Miller has gone from not knowing if her boyfriend of more than five years was alive, to not knowing if he'll ever be the same.

"It's difficult emotionally for me to see him like that, and I know it's hard for him not to be able to get up and bounce right out the door and go put his uniform on and hit the street," said Miller. "I'm scared for his emotional status, because he lives and breathes being an officer, so I'm scared."

The life-changing moments for Fox and his family happened when he tried to make a traffic stop in Lawrence.

"I wish I would have been there I would have given anything to have been with him in that time," Miller said. "That was the scariest event of his life."

Instead, Miller saw it unfold, like the rest of us, when the department released dash cam video.

The video shows James Lockhart III ignoring sirens, peeling off in disregard of Fox's commands and then unleashing gunfire.

Authorities said Lockhart unloaded 12 rounds, hitting Fox in the head, chest and arms.

Miller said as she raced to the hospital, she prepared for the worst, with thoughts of her and Fox's 3-year-old daughter in mind.

"It's the worst thing I have ever had to experience," she said. "There's no describing emotionally the things that go through your head."

Miller said, in typical Fox fashion, Fox was back in police mode as soon as he was out of surgery, asking about the status of the man who shot him.

"He wasn't making much sense, but I thought, 'We're going to get to keep him,' so it was the worst day and the best day all at once," Miller said.

Fox's questions about why might go unanswered; police shot and killed Lockhart after they say he shot at even more officers.

"It was an evil, vicious thing, and I'll never understand it for as long as I live," said Miller.

Fox is now in a rehabilitation center. Miller said she's getting her strength from the law enforcement community, who she said has gone above and beyond to support Fox and his family.

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