Friends: Bullies Led To 15-Year-Old's Death

Facebook Groups Spring Up After Billy Lucas' Suicide

Friends of a 15-year-old boy who hanged himself last week said he did so after being mercilessly bullied at school.

Billy Lucas, who was a student at Greensburg Community High School, was found dead in a barn at his grandmother's home Thursday evening.


Decatur County Coroner Doug Banks said Lucas left a note that didn’t refer to bullying or blame anyone, but friends said he was bullied repeatedly, and classmates are questioning their own behavior, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

Lucas had a history of fighting with his mother and problems at school. In two memorial pages on Facebook, friends remembered Lucas and said that poor treatment of him caused his death.

"This is a memorial page for (William) Billy Lucas. He he was a great person, but everyone made fun of him at school and he couldn't take it any more, so he decided to end his life," read a posting on one of the pages.

"Whenever you lose a student, something has failed," said Phil Chapple, the school's principal. "I think it (Facebook) is a way for students to express some of their emotions. It's a place where they can say to others, you know, maybe we need to look at ourselves."

"We've had kids come forward and say you know they didn't treat him the way they should've treated him, but then they also say sometimes Billy didn't treat them the way he should've treated them," Chapple said.

Parents said bullying is a pervasive issue, and some think schools aren't doing enough to address the problem.

"My opinion, I don't think they're strongly doing enough," said Karla Scheibler, who said her son was bullied in junior high school. "They just picked on him and called him a geek and all this stuff. It tore him apart."

A former student, who didn’t' want to be identified, said he was 14 when he overdosed after being bullied.

"I got picked on and bullied because I was gay," the student said. "I took a handful of pills one night, and the only difference is I got to live and Billy didn't."

The school brought in additional counselors last week and is forming a committee comprised of parents and teachers to try to address the bullying issue.