Full moon on Friday the 13th: Won't be seen again until 2049

You might already know that this Friday the 13th is going to be extra spooky, thanks to the full moon. But did you know you won't get the chance to see a full moon on Friday the 13th again for 35 years?

As the Huffington Post reports, the moon reached its fullest point already -- at 12:11 a.m. EDT Friday.

However, if there are clear skies, the moon should still offer a brilliant view Friday evening, as well.

The last time a Friday saw a 13th as its date and a full moon was nearly 14 years ago on Oct. 13, 2000.

One expert noted: "The odds of a year having a Friday-the-13th full moon are just 5.81 percent. That means it happens, on average, every 20 years or so."

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