Gay Rights Supporters Protest Boy's Anti-Gay Song

Greensburg Church Under Fire After Video Goes Viral

Gay rights supporters protested a Greensburg church’s views on sexuality after a video surfaced earlier in the week of a young church member singing an anti-gay song in front of a cheering congregation.

In the video, a boy sings, "The Bible is right, somebody's wrong. Romans 1 and 27, ain't no homo gonna make it to heaven."

The video also appeared to show the Rev. Jeff Sangl, the pastor and founder of the church according to the church's website, laughing and congratulating the child after he finishes the song.

As church members showed up to attend Sunday services at the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle, they were met by shouts and colorful signs from protesters who opposed the church’s teaching.

"This community deserves an answer as to the actions that took place in this church,” protester John Waudby said.

In the past week, the video has had tens of thousands of hits on websites like YouTube, mostly because of the young child singing the controversial lyrics.

"A 5-year-old (boy) really doesn't know what he is singing, you know? To me, that's wrong, you know? Why would you use a kid to do your dirty work?” protester Treasa Hempstead said.

Since the video went viral, some church members said they've received serious threats. Sunday’s services were closed to outsiders, RTV6’s Chance Walser reported.

One member said church leaders told the congregation not to speak with the media or respond to the protesters.

Robert Kirby’s daughter attended the church and he came out Sunday to support her.

"I think it's all blown out of proportion, you know? They love everybody, but they don't love sin, you know? It’s all in the Bible, and they're not against anybody,” Kirby said.

Shortly after the video surfaced, the church’s website displayed a statement saying they don’t condone or practice hate of any person.

RTV6’s attempted to speak to Sangl at his home on Sunday, but no one answered the door.

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