7-year-old boy donates more than $700 to Riley Children's Hospital

INDIANAPOLIS – A 7-year-old boy collected money from his community and made a donation of more than $700 to Riley Children’s Hospital Monday.

Karsen’s donation drive began when he found a container outside while playing and decided to cut a hole in the top to create a collection can.

“He was holding a plastic Marshmallow Fluff container that he had found outside somewhere. I started to question his intentions,” said his mother Katie. “He spoke up and said, ‘I’m going to cut a hole in the lid so that people can donate money to Riley Hospital, where Cash had his surgery.’  After telling him how proud I was of him to think of this, I asked him to think of a goal amount to hit before school starts.”

Karsen’s brother had cleft plate surgery in June 2016, and he wanted to give back to the children.

Karsen and his mother set a goal to raise $300 by the start of the school year, but the 7-year-old surpassed his expectations and donated $740.

“We are so proud of our son and his ambitions and willingness to give to others,” said Katie. 

Karsen was able to take a tour of the first floor of Riley during his visit. 

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