Anderson University honors Lauren Hill

ANDERSON, Ind. - Anderson University honored a Mount St. Joseph University freshman with an inoperable brain tumor at a basketball game Wednesday night.

Lauren Hill’s story gained national attention late last year when the basketball player scored her first points in what some thought would be her first and final college game.

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Before the ball tipped Wednesday night, fans filled the stands. Before the heat of battle or the sweat of competition, Anderson University and Mount St. Joseph players stood in a circle in support of Hill.

"I think they called me on Monday and said they were going to do something presentation-wise at the beginning, say a prayer, which is awesome, and then they are doing the layup challenge for Lauren," Mount Saint Joseph head coach Dan Benjamin said.

It's not often a halftime show becomes a main event, but that’s what happened Wednesday.

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Layup4Lauren has become a sporting event staple across the country -- participants spin around five times then shoot a layup with their non-dominant hand. It's supposed to simulate how dizzy Hill feels when she plays.

Hill is still fighting while raising more than a million dollars for her cause. She has also been named her team's honorary coach.

Although she was unable to make the trip to Anderson on Wednesday, there was no doubt that her spirit was there and it has spread far beyond the dimensions of a basketball court.

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"For someone our age, it puts it into perspective, like how short life can be and to make the most of it," Anderson student Shelby Crutcher said.

Benjamin said his team has been treated very well on the road this year and most schools have done something to raise money and awareness for Hill.

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