Dad credits son, 11, for coming to his rescue

Son instructed dad to stop, drop, roll during fire

SELMA, Ind. - A Delaware County dad is recovering after he was seriously burned at his house last weekend -- but he said his injuries would have been worse if it weren’t for his 11-year-old son.

Shane Eller was released from his three-day stay at the hospital. He said he’s in pain but he realizes it could have been worse if it weren’t for the quick thinking of his son Logan.

Last weekend, the two were burning brush piles in their back yard when the gas can Shane was holding exploded.

"The gas can exploded in my hand. I dropped it. It hit my shoes and splashed up onto my shorts. Everything just burst into flames," Shane said.

Shane panicked and started running around the yard, engulfed and lost, until he heard Logan’s voice yelling those words he learned in Cub Scouts: Stop, drop and roll.

"I fell to the ground and I rolled over and I got my shorts off, got my shoes off and then as I was running into the house to jump in the shower to try to cool everything off, I yelled for him to take care of what he could," Shane said.

Logan calmly put out the flames in the yard and made calls to his mom and others to get his dad to the hospital.

Logan’s family said he was cool as a cucumber and remained calm under pressure.

"He was like thank you man. He just said that a lot," Logan said.

"That's all you can say. He's a great kid," Shane said.

Doctors said Shane suffered mostly second-degree burns on about 10 percent of his body. He is recovering at home.

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