Father earns Eagle Scout rank alongside son

Padgett awarded honor 18 years later

INDIANAPOLIS - Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is one of the greatest accomplishments for some young scouts, but imagine doing all the work and then never getting recognized.

On Tuesday evening, one man unexpectedly received the award he worked so hard to earn almost two decades later.

Three members of Boy Scout Troop 92 were awarded their Eagle Scout rank, which is the highest rank a boy scout can achieve. 

"The Eagle Award is a series of steps through different ranks for scouts. They work on their own, they work in groups, they work with their troop and leaders. It’s a really neat award, the boys get to do a lot of neat stuff and do a lot of cool things," Scoutmaster Stan Jewula said.

Chris Padgett's special surprise came after the ceremony for the three young scouts. Padgett was sitting with his family to watch his son receive his Second Class rank.

After the young scouts were honored, Padgett said he started to recognize the words that were being spoken.

"I was surprised, Dave was reading that letter and some of that stuff sounded familiar," Padgett said.

It sounded familiar because Padgett wrote the letter to the Board of Review while working toward his own Eagle Scout rank 18 years ago.

Jewula said they were cleaning out the scout room when he came across Padgett’s Eagle workbook. He said they realized Padgett was never recognized for his hard work.

"At the time we didn't have the Court of Honor. I got busy doing other stuff, going to college," Padgett said.

Padgett had no idea he would be recognized for an honor he should have received long ago. He said he hopes it will become a family tradition.

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