Former Hoosier, 105, to throw out first pitch in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - A southern California resident originally from Indiana just turned 105 and she is getting some help celebrating from her local baseball team.

Agness McKee will throw out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres baseball game.

McKee’s late husband was a baseball player, but she said she never really got into the game because her husband’s team tended to lose a lot.

Since getting the news that she’d be throwing out the first pitch, she has been practicing. When asked for advice about living a long life, she had a simple answer:

"I have no advice, I have no idea how I got to be this old. I tell people I enjoy life, I'm a happy person," McKee said.

She said she stays active by painting, dancing, playing bridge and enjoying a classic martini every once in a while.

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