Former patient designs, dedicates special hospital room

INDIANAPOLIS - A former patient at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent has designed a special room for the hospital to help ease the pain for others.

Abigail Boldt, 15, battled acute lymphoblastic leukemia and said her hospital stay inspired her to leave something behind for other children fighting their own battles.

Boldt was celebrating on Tuesday. She dedicated her horse-themed room and her leukemia was in remission.

"In that time that I was here, I noticed that some of the rooms weren't decorated like the football-themed room that I was in," Boldt said.    

"When our patients are in better spirits, I think they tolerate therapy better, their outlook is more positive and it just makes it easier for them to comply with treatment," Dr. Jessica Goodman said. 

For Boldt, an equestrian theme was a no-brainer. She has been riding horses since the age of 6 and has performed in more than 20 competitions. 

"Horses are comforting for me, so I hope it makes others comfortable as well," Boldt said.

She included photos and figurines from her collection as well as a design from her heart.

Boldt had to raise $25,000 to design the room. She said she wasn’t afraid of coming up with the money because she has a great support network of friends and family.  

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