IMPD replaces girl's stolen piggy-bank money

INDIANAPOLIS - Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department went above and beyond to help a local mother and daughter who were going through a rough time.

IMPD Officer Sarah Romeril responded to a call from a woman who said her drug-addicted adult son stole $100 from her 3-year-old daughter’s piggy bank just before Thanksgiving.

"This was especially heartbreaking because she had shown her brother what she had saved, around a $100, she was so proud of herself," said the mother, who did not wish to be identified.

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Romeril took the report and then returned back to the house a short time later with a stuffed animal and a card signed by other officers in the district.

Inside the card was enough cash to replace what was stolen from the piggy bank -- all donations from fellow officers.

"I just pictured that being my own daughter and it just absolutely broke my heart and there is just so much bad in the world, that I just believe she needed something good," Romeril said.

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The young girl’s mother wrote to RTV6 to share her positive experience with IMPD.

"The generosity, empathy and humanity these officers have shown us goes beyond their duties. I do not have enough word to express my gratitude for their incredible act of kindness and selflessness. Because of them my daughter's piggy bank will be full again, and she will have a wonderful Christmas,” the mother wrote to RTV6. “People need to know our officers are not heartless humans hiding behind badges. They are angels, they are heroes, they are sometimes a light in the darkness as they were for my daughter and I."

Romeril said she made a new friend that day and the two plan to keep in touch.

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