Indiana second-grade class learning about graphs with wholesome survey

CAYUGA, Ind. -- To help Mrs. Porter's second-grade class in Vermillion County, Indiana learn about graphs, we all need to take her class' survey. Each student created one question, and they are all great.

So great, that hundreds of thousands of people have taken the survey from across the world, Mrs. Porter told Buzzfeed.

“You can just watch that number [of responses] tick, tick, tick, just counting up, and they’ll squeal every time we hit a big milestone,” she said. “They’ve been joking that we broke the internet. Every time I go to refresh and it won’t work, they’re like, ‘Ah, we broke the internet again!’”

People from Finland, Tasmania and South Africa have taken it. 

Some of the questions are:

  • Are you a farmer? Yes or no
  • What is your favorite activity? Coloring or board games
  • What state is better? Illinois or Indiana

Take the survey here.

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