Trainer, client become business partners to help others

Lewkowicz helped Melloh lose 70 pounds

FISHERS, Ind. - A Fishers man's weight-loss story hasn't only changed his life, it has led to a new business partnership with his trainer.

Mike Melloh was not eating well, drinking about 14 diet sodas a day and not exercising. He had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high sugar levels.

"I had ballooned to a weight that I had never been at in my life," Melloh said.

He became worried about leaving his wife and four kids behind too soon, so he found personal trainer Mike Lewkowicz.

Lewkowicz’s approach was to tackle just one goal at a time.

"And I wasn't always like this. When I started my career it was just, 'Do this, this, this, this.' And it was a big plate. And people could not digest all that at one time. And so just little by little. Just like they built the pyramids, one block at a time," Lewkowicz said.

"And so the challenges came by the ones. Stop drinking diet soda, eat more leafy greens, do one more set, swim for 30 minutes. Whatever it was, it was one challenge at a time," Melloh said.

In just 15 months, Melloh lost 70 pounds.

"I'm no longer on the statin. My blood pressure is awesome. My cholesterol is like 126, my resting heart rate is 49 beats per minute," Melloh said.

Friends were amazed at his transformation, and so was his doctor after getting the results of his most recent physical.

"He said, 'You've reduced your chances of dying by all causes of mortality by 65 percent," Melloh said. "You know, at the end of the day, I want to be here for my wife. I want to meet my kids' kids."

The transformation was so life-changing that Melloh was inspired to open a gym with his trainer and now business partner.

By operating on the philosophy of conquering one goal at a time, the two hope to transform many more lives.

Their gym, 1 & Only Fitness, will open June 2.

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