Wish granted for 8-year-old with brittle bone disease

INDIANAPOLIS – While many students are making plans for spring break, Tollsyn Crandall is preparing to have surgery next week.

The 8-year-old suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta Syndrome, a disease that makes his bones very fragile.

Despite his condition, he chooses to keep his spirits up and those around him support his decision. Saturday morning he got the chance to complete some of his favorite activities, thanks to The Wish Connection, a nonprofit created by AT&T employees.

Stacey Newell, who nominated Crandall, said throughout all of Crandall’s struggles, he keeps a smile on his face.

“You'd never know he'd gone through what's he's gone through," said Newell.

So far, Crandall has broken more than 200 bones – all requiring multiple surgeries.

You can learn more about Crandall and his adventure with The Wish Connection in the video player. 

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